3M - Introducing the Science of Safety

Find out how 3M can help your organisation select the correct PPE for your workers and provide them with personal validation processes to ensure they know how to test the fitting of their PPE.

3M Solutions - Respiratory

Selecting and specifying the appropriate respiratory protective equipment may appear daunting with so many factors to consider with 3M it's easy to choose the correct level of protection and comfort required.

3M Solutions - Eyewear

3M research and develop high-quality eye protection solutions for your work, your environment and your unique optical requirements.

Featured Products

3M™ Aura™ 9300+Gen3 particulate respirators

Third generation Aura respirators with new Cool Flow™ comfort valve. They offer improved wearer comfort and breathability, as well as being more durable and easier to position.

3M™ SecureFit™ 600 Series Safety Glasses

3M’s patented SecureFit™ PDT technology regulates the amount of force on individual head sizes to ensure the optimum pressure for a secure and comfortable fit.

3M™ PELTOR™ Earmuffs X Series Earmuffs

A range of hearing protectors that meets the needs of a wide variety of applications, offering unparalleled attenuation in a streamlined design.

3M™ Versaflo™ TR-800 powered air purifying respirator - new intrinsically safe system

High level of respiratory protection whilst minimising the risk of fire or explosion.

3M™ Solus™ 1000 Series Safety Glasses

Slim frame safety glasses with colour accented soft temple components for a stylish and modern look.

3M™ EAR Classic Earplugs

Classic earplugs were the industry's first foam earplugs, revolutionising hearing protection. Provides an excellent seal due to the 'shaping' of the earplug to the ear canal.


Fall Protection

DBI-SALA® and Protecta® Fall Protection equipment offering solutions for work at height needs.

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10 ways to achieve standardization in personal safety in the Pharma Industry

3M Science of Safety Programme

Fit and comfort corresponds to the health and well-being within your organisation. 3M programme helps ensure your method of testing PPE is up to date and reliable and we help educate your employees of the long term effects of poorly fitting PPE. 3 Pilars of Science of Safety focus on Selection, Training and Fit Validation.

Selection of PPE

Selecting the right PPE is critical to compliance, with regards to two main elements:

Is it adequate?

This is the element that is most understood and which is widely used today as the means by which to select PPE. It refers to whether the product has the ability to protect the user from the hazard they are facing. For example, the ear plug attenuates the noise to a level, which reduces harm to a reasonable level.

Is it suitable?

This is often an area that is not given as much consideration during the purchasing process. The fundamental question is: will the product not only protect the wearer, but will it be suitable for the worker, the task and the environment in which it must be worn? This goes beyond understanding the technical specification of the product and ventures into the world of appreciating the product’s effectiveness in use.

If this area is overlooked, it can lead to a reduction in products being worn and hence workers that are not protected as they are intended.


3M believes that PPE training is a critical element in the correct use of PPE, the promotion of hazard awareness and in motivating users to wear their PPE.

Why carry out training? We can think about this with regards to the three fundamental pillars of safety reasoning and justification:

Moral – Protecting the worker

We know that if PPE is not worn, worn properly nor maintained as it should be, the wearer will not get the required protection and will therefore be a great risk of harm to the health and safety.

Legal – Protecting the organisation

Local regulations will have different requirements around the need for information, instruction and training, but when it comes to PPE the requirements are often born from the European PPE Directive (European Directive 89/656/EEC). This will be enacted into law in different ways in the various member states, but the core of the requirement states that:  The employer shall arrange for training and shall, if appropriate, organize demonstrations in the wearing of personal protective equipment.

Of course, there is also the civil aspect of the legal rationale too. Being able to demonstrate that you have trained the worker in the use of their equipment may be useful in defending claims that are made against the company or organisation.

Financial –Getting the most from your investment

This can be considered in terms of the legal aspect and the effects on insurance premiums and penalties, or it can be considered in terms of the investment you are making in the equipment you are providing. This is especially true of the higher cost, non-disposable items such as powered air respirators and fall protection equipment. Training workers in the correct use, storage and maintenance of this equipment helps to get the most of your investment and also helps to prolong the life of it, preventing unnecessary early replacements.

Fit Validation

Fit validation forms an essential part of an overall workplace protection programme. It is intended to help the wearer select the right product/size and train in the correct usage to ensure an appropriate level of protection against workplace hazard(s). The principles of fit validation can be applied to any item of PPE, however recognized fit validation methods (fit tests) are commonly used for tight-fitting respirators, hearing protection and eyewear.

How can fit validation help fit issues?

  • Key element of workplace protection programme
  • Gives an assessment of how well a given PPE fits the worker
  • Also an assessment of comfort, compatibility and overall suitability for the wearer
  • Ideal training opportunity for the worker on the use and correct fitting of PPE

Why choose 3M as your partner in Safety

3M has a truly innovative culture that helps develop leading PPE products designed to optimise protection and comfort

  • Our approach to validation, selection and training upholds this and takes it into a new area of excellence
  • The extensive depth and breadth of the 3M PPE range helps ensure appropriate protection across diverse workers and workplaces
  • 3M can deliver consistent quality anywhere in the world
  • 3M can give local support and advice where you do business