Sample collection, transport, storage

The first step in microbiological testing is to collect samples. Depending on the media, where the samples are, the products you need are different. Then, you need to transport and/or store them. 

  • Sample collection
  • Sample transport
  • Sample storage

Sample collection

In this section you will find the right sampling system to sample air, surfaces, solids, liquid, granular, paste or frozen materials for microbiology testing. The range varies from stainless steel samplers to ready to use sterile devices.

Sample Transport

When working with temperature-sensitive microbiological samples, it is important to use the correct packaging, but also to be sure that the conditions have been correctly maintained during transport. Avantor offers an extensive product range, from simple packaging solutions and single-use temperature loggers, to wireless monitoring of temperature and other parameters.

Sample Storage

Learn more about how saved space and improved organisation helps you working more efficiently and safely in microbiological testing.