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Chemical Management

We have solutions for any of your chemical management challenges – whether you want to reduce costs, improve safety and efficiency, or comply with regulations around the world.

To manage the chemical needs of your business, you need to handle multiple issues:

  • Development of chemicals customized for your processes
  • cGMP chemical manufacturing from small batches to full production volumes
  • Global distribution and delivery to multiple sites with different operating procedures

Onsite management of inventory, safety, and disposal

Our Chemical Management Solutions provide the personnel, processes, technology, and expertise to fully manage these challenges for you. The result: We help you reduce costs, improve safety and efficiency, and comply with regulations around the world.

Simply select and customize the services you need to support your goals for peak efficiency, quality, and compliance. Backed by the latest cutting-edge tools, our cloud-based and globally networked services are scalable to meet your specific requirements.

You can select and customize the services you need:

  • Custom chemical development. Working with our Innovation Center, we can develop solutions that optimize your manufacturing process, including custom chemicals, process optimization, and custom packaging. That includes upstream processes, like cell culture supplements and single-use fluid collection systems; downstream activities, like optimized raw materials and single-use material transfer systems; and fiIl-and-finish solutions, like excipients and single-use bulk drug substance samples.
  • cGMP chemical manufacturing. From pilot lots and small batches to full production volume, we can manufacture the product quantity and quality you need. We can scale up as you make the transition from concept or prototype to volume manufacturing. We can also produce a wide range of chemicals and biologics, including high-purity chemicals, custom delivery solutions, and custom packaging.
  • Distribution. We have all aspects of distribution covered, including warehousing and storage, procurement, spend management, and change notifications. With our network of global distribution centers and logistics support, we can efficiently ship to more than 175 countries. And all GMP materials are stored in temperature- and humidity-controlled environments.
  • Digitally driven onsite service. Our onsite teams are unapparelled in providing service at your facility and are strongly supported by our Chemical Manager technology, a new approach that harnesses the latest cloud-based, globally networked systems. Services include procurement, inventory management, and digital tracking.
  • Disposal. We specialize in management of liquid and solid waste, both non-hazardous and hazardous. Our expertise covers the entire waste cycle, from collection to disposal and recycling. We provide sustainable, compliant and cost-effective solutions to some of today’s toughest waste challenges.

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