Non-sterile solutions for surfaces and CIP

Since the non-sterile products offered vary from country to country, this page provides an overview of the available product groups. Our sales team will be glad to provide you with information on availability of products in your region and their suitability for your specific application.

Detergents for surfaces:

  • Alkaline high-foam surface detergents
  • Neutral high-foam all-purpose detergents
  • Non-foaming heavy-duty floor detergents, to be used manually or with auto-scrubbing machines

Detergents - CIP:

  • Alkaline CIP detergents, for removal of organic soils, including fats and oils
  • Acidic CIP detergents, for removal of organic and inorganic soils, particularly mineral and calcium deposits

Disinfectants for surfaces:

  • Disinfecting detergents based on quaternary ammonium bonds
  • Broad spectrum non-sporocidal disinfectants for final disinfecting

Disinfectants - CIP:

  • CIP disinfectants, based on peracetic acid
  • CIP disinfectants, based on sodium hypochlorite


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