Disinfectants, Soaps and Creams

Hand hygiene is particularly important in cleanrooms and controlled environments, where the operators manipulate sensitive parts or are potentially exposed to pathogens. Also, wearing gloves several hours a day every day puts a high stress on the skin, which can lead to uncomfort or even skin diseases.

A good hand-washing and disinfection program, combined with the regular application of a skin care product, results in a better hygiene, tackles cross-contamination and reduces health issues.

Many different brands and products are available, but can differ from country to country. The packaging and dispensing systems are also elements of choice. Our sales team will be glad to assist you in the selection of the best solution for your application in your cleanroom and controlled environment.

Liquid Soaps:

Mild, synthetic soap lotions, suitable for frequent washing of hands.

Available without dyes and fragrances or mildly scented.

Skin care creams:

Silicon-free oil/water emulsions, based on waxes that prevent dry and irritated skin. Dermatologically tested.


Effective disinfection and prevention of skin irritations.

Available with ethanol base and 2-propanol and 1-propanol base.

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