Dry Storage Systems

For this purpose dry storage systems can be used. Within these systems the stored goods are surrounded by a dry and inert atmosphere, if necessary. To achieve the stable and dry atmosphere there are 3 different technologies of dehumidification available.

  • Nitrogen dehumidification: controlled feed-in of nitrogen
  • Adsorption dehumidification: controlled drying of the air with a high efficient adsorption dehumidifier
  • Compressed-air dehumidification: controlled feed-in of compressed air


  • Materials: transparent acrylic glass or powder coated steel
  • For white light- sensitive components: design acrylic yellow (AMBER) available
  • Control unit with automatic flushing (system flushes only when needed)
  • ESD version (resistance 107 Ohm/cm²)
  • Optimal visual and acoustic alarms
  • Optional chamber system (division of the cabinet volume in individual chambers)
  • Optional with lockable doors
  • Optional data logging functions
  • Many more customized interior designs of the systems
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