Cleanroom Flooring

The decontamination flooring uses a patented polymer to attract and retain over 98% of foot-borne and wheel-borne particles. Particles are naturally attracted by the flooring surface and are released only by a wet cleaning. To restore its full efficacy, just mop, rinse and dry it.

With a low profile (only 2.5 mm thick) and thanks to beveled edges welded on all sides, operators can walk without tripping and carts can be pushed without effort. The decontamination flooring requires to be glued to the floor, which ensures a perfect hold and a maximum lifetime. Due to its exceptional weight resistance, the flooring is compatible with foot traffic, but also with heavy lift- or hand-trucks.

The core properties of the polymer (bacteriostatic, ESD, non outgassing) make our flooring the ideal solution for contamination control in gowning areas, in material entry zones and in cleanrooms.

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