Cleanroom Paper and Sticky Pads

Cleanroom paper has a smooth surface (latex impregnated) with minimal particles and ions and this reduces possible contamination in cleanrooms and controlled environments. The cleanroom paper is lightly colored for easy differentiation from normal paper. It accepts writing, copying and printing on all common office equipment and has an excellent retention of toners /inks. Available in various formats (DIN A5, A4 A3 or as computer-paper), weights and colours.

Sticky pads are made of cleanroom paper. Cleaned, packed in a class 100/ISO5 cleanroom. Cleanroom sticky pads contain removable water-based solvent-free adhesive with very low outgassing levels. They can be stucked and removed without leaving residue on the support. For annotating documents or leaving messages in all cleanroom environments. Our sticky pads are available in different colors.

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