Swabs are used to clean surfaces in the manufacturing areas which are critical yet and difficult to reach. They also have a valuable role, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, in the validation of the cleaning process.

A wide range of swabs is available:

  • Different sizes
  • Material (handle/ swab head)
  • Functionality (absorbency, particle and ion emission )
  • Also as an ESD version
  • All swabs are autoclavable


TOC Cleaning Validation Kit

The TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Cleaning Validation Kits have been designed to simplify sampling for cleaning validation in the pharmaceutical industry. The kit can also be used with Sievers, Tekmar Dohrman and Anatel A 2000 to measure TOC. The kit contains components for sampling 12 resp. 72 different areas in the production area, and provides an efficient transport of the samples from production to laboratory with minimal chance of contamination.

The vials are manufactured, analyzed and certified to < 10ppb TOC by Eagle Picher and show low TOC blank values. Certificates of analysis ensure traceability of the production lots. The kit also includes labels so samples can be properly identified at the sampling site.

Features swabs:

  • Material: knitted polyester
  • Low particle generation
  • Breakaway handle allows swabhead to be placed into vial with minimal handling and contamination
  • Good absorbent capacity
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Autoclavable to ensure sampling under sterile conditions
  • Additional TOC-Kit Swabs (TX 714K) can be ordered
  • Also available with long handle (TX 761K)

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