Sample Identification

Printed laboratory labels, engineered specifically to identify samples, help avoid sample loss, and a lot of frustration!

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Sample Tracking

For sample tracking within histology labs: Use barcode technology to prevent misdiagnosis.

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Specimen Process Marking

Supporting microscopic analysis of cells and tissues within pathology and clinical labs.

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Specimen Storage ID

Supporting specimen collection and handling such as blood samples, cryo samples etc.

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Lean Lab Identification

For general supplies marking.

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Colour Code Sampling

For increased productivity.

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Our Featured products

B-7600 Clear Cryo labels

Keep samples identified through multiple freezing cycles.

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Water dissolvable label B-403

Ideal to label items that need new identification after every use

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All-round lab label B-7425

Designed to stay attached and remain legible in a wide range of sample collection, sample processing, microbiology and cryogenic applications.

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