Brady - Simplify your laboratory identification

Simplify Your Laboratory Identification With Brady Solutions

Brady’s laboratory identification products are designed to serve the world’s biotechnology, agricultural, environmental and forensic researchers. Whether you work in pathology, histology, chromatography or other areas of science, Brady labelling solutions can help you maintain Good Laboratory Practice.

Brady Sample Identification Solutions

  • Match existing vial, slide and well plate size
  • Remains legible throughout processing and storage
  • Endures freezer storage, liquid nitrogen, autoclaves, hot water baths and solvents, including xylene, DMSO and ethanol
  • Allows barcoding for extensive information storage on even the tiniest sample
  • Integrates seamlessly with your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

RFID Solutions

Bring your workplace to the next level of efficiency and productivity with reliable RFID.

New Products

Discover more reliable solutions to protect and identify people, products and places for mission critical applications in harsh environments.

Sample Identification

Printed laboratory labels engineered specifically to identify samples, help avoid sample loss, and a lot of frustration!

On-Site Label Creation

The ability to print your labels on-site enables you to quickly respond to any identification need, and can eliminate waiting on label deliveries!

Sample ID Automation

Brady`s printer applicators offer an automated solution to applying 'print on demand' labels!


Make your workplace compliant, safer and more efficient!

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Brady Corporation is an international manufacturer and marketer of complete solutions that identify and protect people, products and places.

At Brady, commitment to performance drives our business decisions every day. We design our products and solutions to perform in ways that others simply don't. Our people perform in ways that regularly exceed expectations. And our focus and discipline as a company works toward solid, long-term performance for our customers and shareholders. In short, the essence of Brady, and subsequently our brand, is centerd on 'performance'.

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