Dispensette® S and Dispensette® S Organic

Safe dispensing of aggressive chemicals

Dispensette® S

Dispensette® S supports a very wide range of applications for the dispensing of aggressive reagents such as concentrated acids and bases

Dispensette® S Organic

Dispensette® S Organic is ideal for dispensing organic solvents.

BRAND has been a pioneer in bottle-top dispensers since 1968 and the Dispensette® is recognised as the leading product in the market. The latest generation Dispensette® S offers new features for safe operation and proven durability for tough operating and media conditions.

Safety features

  • Discharge valve with safety ball closes when discharge tube is not mounted
  • Filling valve: Olive-shaped for firmer filling tube attachment
  • Hinged screw cap doesn't get in the way when dispensing
  • The New discharge tube is easy to fasten and is available with or without a recirculation valve
  • Optional flexible discharge tube, long and expandable, facilitates fast and precise serial dispensing even into narrow test tubes.

Dispensette® S - Care and Use

Dispensette® S - Serial dispensing

Safety Information - Handling of hazardous substances

Safety information - handling of hazardous substances and many other useful pieces of information are available in the Volumetric Measurement technical handbook.

Additional Information