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Choose EPL Archives for Secure Preservation

Meticulous care of clinical and biological samples is critical to the validity of your research. It’s vital to regulatory compliance, and the right biorepository service provider gives you invaluable peace of mind.

Samples are a cornerstone of any scientific operation, representing both proof of research done and potential for discoveries to be made. That’s why it’s critical for your samples to be properly managed, especially if they require certain cryogenic conditions or GxP regulatory compliance. Adequately fulfilling the logistical demands of sample archiving and management can be complicated and costly – requiring considerable facility space, consistent equipment maintenance, and a committed task team to ensure the safety and preservation of these precious yet vulnerable assets. Fortunately, there is a better option than struggling to meet these demands on your own.

Consolidate Your Research and Manufacturing Storage

EPL Archives was founded specifically with the importance of sample security in mind. For nearly 40 years, EPL has served as the industry benchmark for consolidation, preservation, and management of regulated research and manufacturing material. With over 1.5 million combined cubic feet of dedicated temperature-controlled, humidity-controlled, and ambient storage space, all EPL facilities in the U.S. and Europe are GxP-compliant with validated systems, redundant quality control, and emergency response capabilities.

VWR’s recent acquisition of EPL aims to serve a single goal: to ensure that your cell banks, bio samples, and other vital research materials are securely stored – even in the event of a power failure or a more severe disruption. The EPL team serves as a seamless extension of your own biorepository, reducing risk by consolidating your sample and material inventories at restricted-access facilities, meeting your particular storage specifications, and providing full visibility and management of your data via a secure web portal system, LabTrak®.

Today, Avantor Services provides managed biorepository services at many biopharmaceutical customer locations, overseeing management of clinical and non-clinical samples. We will continue offering our onsite solution for customers who prefer to keep their biorepositories at their own facilities. EPL allows us to expand our capabilities, introducing an array of offsite storage options for securing regulated product material at one of EPL’s purpose-built, restricted-access facilities.

Core EPL Capabilities Include:

  • Non-clinical archiving services
  • Clinical biorepository and biobanking
  • Regulated data management storage
  • Manufacturing material storage
  • Specialized logistics and support
Non Clinical GLP Archiving

Archiving Services

GLP Compliant Specimen Management
Planning | Logistics | Study Data | Test Articles | Wet Tissue | Slides | Frozen Tissue | Paraffin Blocks

Clinical Biorepository Biobanking

Clinical Biorepository & Biobanking Services

GCP Compliant Sample Management
Planning | Logistics | Clinical Trial Data Plasma | Serum | Tissue | Cell Lines Radioactive | Controlled Substances

Manufacturing Material Storage

Manufacturing Material Storage Services

cGMP Compliant Storage Management
Planning | Logistics | Manufacturing Data | Compounds | Specialty Chemicals
API | Investigational Material | Lot Retains

Regulatory Compliant Storage

  • Standard environments offered include +21°C, +21°C with humidity control, +4°C, -20°C, -80°C, and Vapor-Phase LN2. Custom storage environments can be provided as well.
  • Dedicated facilities management, information technology, and quality assurance teams
  • Validated 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environmental monitoring system with multi-channel monitoring, alarms, and reporting to track environmental conditions
  • Monitored security systems that feature proximity card controlled electronic locks, various types of intrusion detection devices, and video surveillance
  • Fire detection and suppression (e.g., FM200, nitrogen, dry chemical, and water) systems to protect different types of material
  • 24-hour Emergency Response team, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans
  • Diesel back-up generators provide emergency electrical power. All temperature critical storage environments (e.g., refrigerated and frozen) are supported by back-up power systems.

Quality assurance and quality control are critical requirements when selecting a biorepository service provider to store and manage specimen collections. Specify EPL Archives to maximize the quality and extend the life of your research.

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Enterprise Material Management Technology

EPL’s secure web portal LabTrak® allows you to manage consolidated material and data. A powerful, validated 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system, the LabTrak® technology solution features account-based search, filtering, and virtual collection capabilities to rapidly respond to internal requests that support ongoing research and development activities.