Chemicals and Reagents

VWR Chemicals are optimised by grade for your application. 98% are available from stock and each has a guaranteed exact specification. To request your copy of the VWR chemicals catalogue click below.

VWR Chemical Grades

All of our ranges for different methods and applications are classified by quality grade from the highest purity for instrument analysis to reagents for general laboratory use


Grade / Quality Main applications / characteristics
HiPerSolv® CHROMANORM® for preparative HPLC preparative applications
PESTINORM® GC/GLC: ECD, PND, GC-MS applications including pesticide residue analysis
SpectrosoL® / SPECTRONORM® UV, IR or NMR Spectroscopy
ARISTAR® /NORMATOM® High purity solvents, acids, reagents and standards for metal trace analysis (IC, AAS, ICP-OES or ICP-MS)
Anhydrous solvents Organic synthesis
Analar® NORMAPUR® ACS, Reag PH EUR Analytical grade reagents according to ACS and Reag PH EUR specifications for analytical purposes
AVS® TITRINORM® / ConvoL® NORMADOSE® Ready to use/ concentrated solutions of analytical reagents for volumetric titration and calibration
PH EUR and USP reagents Range of standards and solutions specified in the Ph EUR for laboratory use
Calibration standards certified reference materials For equipment calibration ( conductivity, flash point, refractive index, viscosity, colour, UV-VIS…)
Pharmacopoeia grade products Products for pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical production
GPR RECTAPUR® Reagents for general laboratory use
LABWASH® Cleaning products for manual or automatic washing
TECHNICAL, TechniSolv® Reagents with limited specifications for general laboratory use
Indicators papers, strips, rolls, dyes including DOSATEST® and Rota® Test and PH papers dyes, dry and in solution
Photometric tests Powder pillows and reagents for environmental applications
Electran Electrophoresis reagents
For microbiology Ready to use and dehydrated culture media for microbiological applications
Q Path® For cytological and histological use
Gurr® Stains and dyes for microscopy, Reagents for classical haematology, cytology and histology


Merck Grades

Brand - Product Group Main applications / characteristics
Brand - Product Group Solvents for analytical HPLC, fast chromatography, and LC-MS applications
LichropurTM Reagents Reagents for Ion-Pair Chromatography
Suprasolv® Solvents Solvents for Gas Chromatography
Prepsolv® Solvents Solvents for Preparative Chromatography
Uvasol® Solvents Solvents for Spectroscopy Applications
Prepsolv® Solvents for Preparative Chromatography
EMSURE® Classical Solvents & Inorganics for demanding and regulated analytical applications EMSURE®
EMPARTA® Classical Solvents & Inorganics for routine analytical applications EMPARTA®
EMPLURA® Classical Solvents & Inorganics for preparative lab work, cleaning and production EMPLURA®
Ultrapur® Acids for highly sophisticated instrumental ultra-trace analysis, e.g. ICP-MS
Suprapur® Acids for highly sophisticated instrumental trace analysis, e.g. AAS and ICP-OES
Titripur® Ready-to-Use volumetric Solutions for Precise Titration Results tested in compliance with the European and US Pharmacopoeias. Titripur® volumetric solutions are traceable to primary reference materials from NIST.
Titripac® Titripac® is the smart and safe packaging system for ready-to-use volumetric, buffer, and aqueous solutions.
Aquastar® Aquastar® for Karl Fischer water determination
Cerriliant® Certified Reference Materials for Testing and Standards
TraceCERT® Certified Reference Materials for Testing and Standards
Certipur® Certipur® Reference Material for Reliable Calibration in pH Measurement
Extran® Cleaning of Lab Equipment
Chemizorb® Absorbents for Spilled Liquids
GranuCult™ Culture Media
ReadyPlate™ Ready-to-use Liquid Media
ReadyTube® Prepared Media for Guaranteed Compliance
MVP ICON® System for ATP Hygiene Monitoring & Management
MAS-100 Eco® Small and lightweight microbial air sampler
MAS-100 CG® Ex Compressed gas microbial air sampler
MAS-100 NT® Ex Microbial air sampler for hazardous environments
Spectroquant® Prove A New Class of Spectrophotometers for Water Analysis
Spectroquant® Test Kits Spectroquant® Test Kits for Water Analysis
MQuant® Visual Tests for Semi-quantitative Analyses
Supel™ SPE Cartidges


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