For decades, Honeywell Research Chemicals delivered a strong portfolio of solvents and essential laboratory products under the Burdick & Jackson™ and the Riedel-de Haen™ brands.

Honeywell’s portfolio has grown, and includes today most respected research and laboratory chemical brands and product lines: Fluka™, Hydranal™, Chromasolv™, and TraceSELECT™.

Honeywell Research Chemicals entire portfolio is available through VWR.


The largest range of solvents on the market featuring:

  • Chromasolv™ – for GC-HS, LC-MS, UHPLC applications
  • TraceSELECT™ – for Trace and low-metal content analysis
  • Spectroscopy Solvents – for IR and UV-Vis applications
  • Anhydrous solvent range - for moisture sensitive applications
  • ACS, Pharmacopoeia grades - for all demanding industrial and pharmaceutical applications

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Worldwide known brand, now Honeywell. It features a wide range of chemicals and reagents for:

  • Analytical applications including buffers, additives, volumetric solutions and standards.
  • Laboratory essentials: acids, bases, salts, pH buffers and many other reagents including TraceSELECT™ Inorganics for trace and low-metal content analysis and free flowing salts for hygroscopic inorganics
  • Karl fisher titration: features Hydranal™ the original, made in the German plant of Honeywell for more than 30 years. The most used method and most accurate one. For measuring water content in any sample from ppm to 100%.

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For Oligos and peptides synthesis launched in Europe later in 2017

  • Solvents and reagents trademarked BioSyn™: with specific low content water specifications, low amine specifications, low particulate levels

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