VWR Chemicals

VWR chemicals are our own wide range of laboratory and industrial chemicals with guaranteed high quality, detailed specifications, safe packaging and excellent service offering great value for money.

Everything from basic technical reagents to high purity chemicals for trace analysis plus extensive speciality ranges foe applications like Microbiology, cell diagnostics and life sciences.

From quick dip and go pH strips to reagents for Hach instruments, plus COD and ion chromatography standards for instrumental analysis.

From HPLC, GC and IC through TLC, preparative and flash chromatography, VWR offer the most extensive ranges of columns, reagents and solvents for chromatographers in all industries. The VWR collection also offers an extensive range of vials, syringes and other consumables to make separations easier!

From the most exacting sample preparation with NORMATOM® high purity acids, specialist ranges tailored to specific analysis including NMR . Karl Fischer and AAS to ARISTAR® ICP/ICP-MS and AVS® TITRINORM® IC standards,
Recent acquisitions of specialist solvent manufacturers has increased VWR’s capacity and capability– from AnalaR® NORMAPUR® for analytical work, RECTAPUR ® for everyday tasks and TECHNICAL® for the basics to the ultra high purity chromatography HiPerSolv® CHROMANORM® for the most precise separations. Specialist ranges include SpectrosoL® / SPECTRONORM for spectroscopy, PESTINORM® for GC, deuterated NMR solvents and anhydrous in versatile packaging.
VWR chemicals offers over 400 reagents suitable for many inorganic and analytical applications. The specifications quote guaranteed maximum permitted limits of impurity and have a 98% stock availability. Chose from AnalaR® NORMAPUR® for analytical work, RECTAPUR ® for everyday tasks and TECHNICAL® for the basics to the ultra high purity Ultrapure NORMATOM® for almost invisible sample preparation in trace analysis. Speciality products such as Kjeldahl catalysts, karl fischer titrants as well as products compliant ACS, Reag.Ph. Eur. and USP requirements are available.

Some key elements of laboratory management are safety, cleaning and lab auxiliairies. VWR offers an extensive choice of products for managing spills including the versatile Algosol as well as the basic spillage absorption granules. For housekeeping - Labwash offers a range of products for manual or machine washing . Some other interesting products will be visible such as greases, drying agents.....

VWR offer a comprehensive range of cell diagnostics reagents including fixation, dehydration and embedding in paraffin wax. A full selection of stains and dyes plus mountants and immersion oils enable full visualisation of samples.