Column Selection

Column Selection

Selecting the correct column is key to your success.  There are thousands or columns to chose from.  How can you be sure that you choose the correct one?  We are here to help you find the right column for your needs.

Application Support

Do you need advice on choosing the best column for your needs? We have a range of experts on hand to help.


Column Selection Overview

If you are unsure about the many different options available, we have put together this helpful guide to take you to the correct stationary phase.

Unique Stationary Phases

If you are looking for unique stationary phases for complex separations, take a look at these novel stationary phases of the Avantor® ACE® columns range.

Avantor® Hichrom: Experts in Chromatography

If you are looking for expert advice and access to a range of specialist and hard-to-find phases, the experts at Avantor® will help you.

Product pages

Column Selector Tool

You can browse a range of columns available from many manufacturers and look for possible alternatives. In order to meet your exact requirements

Chiral HPLC and SFC

If you have a racemic mixture of enantiomers, chiral chromatography is the process of separating enantiomers from each other.


If you have compounds that are weakly retained by RP phases, HILIC could be a useful alternative