Food & Beverage Workflows

Whether you are testing for contaminants or developing a new production process, we are here to help. Our innovative Thermo Scientific™ products and range of solutions allow you to deliver safe, high quality food products that consumers expect. From sample preparation to sample security and separation we have the most comprehensive range of chromatography consumables for your food and beverage workflow.

Product Selection

HyperSep Dispersive SPE (QuEChERS)

Quick and easy sample preparation approach for pesticide analysis. Convenient extraction and clean-up of pesticides in food and other complex matrices.

AVCS Closures & SureStop Vials

Remove subjectivity around achieving optimal compression when sealing a vial. Improve analytical results and reduce analysis error rate that results from the evapouration of solvent in improperly sealed vials.

GC Columns

The premium standard in GC column performance, delivering low bleed, excellent reproducibility and high levels of inertness.