Diversey ClearKlens IPA Sterile Trigger Pouch

Broad spectrum alcohol disinfectant now with reduced packaging waste

Sterile 70% IPA now available in a collapsible 5L pouch, significantly reducing packaging waste while ensuring product integrity.

  • Manufactured in a controlled environment
    - This sterile range is manufactured in a cleanroom accredited to the same standards as the cleanrooms the products are designed to be used in. 
  • Microbiologically tested to relevant Certified European Standards
    - Tested against EN1276, EN1650, EN13697 to prove efficacy against bacteria and fungi. Full test data is available as part of the technical document package.
  • Standard, protected European formulation
    - Protected formulation, ensuring that no changes will be made unless for reasons beyond Sealed Air’s control and with extended notice.
  • Supported with full technical documentation package
    - Supplied with a document package containing: Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Irradiation, Certificate of Sterility, CEN test data, TOC and LD50 data, manufacturing specifications and process and packaging specifications.
  • Packaging Integrity
    - Manufactured in sterile conditions to ensure the integrity of the product and is then double bagged for cleanroom transfer. ClearKlens IPA collapsible pouch incorporates an airless trigger system, preserving the contents from contamination during use.