Alcohols, Disinfectants and Detergents

Contec offers a wide range of specially formulated chemicals for the cleaning and disinfection of critical and sterile environments. From hydrogen peroxide solutions and IPA, to fast-acting validated sporicidal and broad-spectrum disinfectants, Contec has the cleaning solutions you need. Contec can also offer a sterile neutral detergent solution ideal for cleanroom environments.

Featured products

Contec ProChlor Sporicidal Disinfectant

Contec ProChlor is a unique sporicide achieving a 100% kill against spores in under 1 min. A blend of hypochlorous acid in purified water, Contec ProChlor is provided ready-to-use and is efficacious against bacteria, fungi, moulds, yeasts, viruses and spo

Contec HydroPure No Residue Sporicidal Disinfectant

Contec HydroPure is a blend of 6% hydrogen peroxide and WFI or purified water. Efficacious against bacteria, fungi, moulds, yeasts and spores, Contec HydroPure leaves little to no residue. Also available sterile and with a guaranteed endotoxin level of le

Contec Sterile 70% Alcohol Range

Contec 70% IPA or denatured ethanol is available filtered and sterile in either 500ml or 1L trigger sprays, or 5L capped containers. Cleanroom processed, filtered to 0.2 micron and either double or tripled wrapped. All trigger sprays are provided with a

Contec NeutraKlean Detergent

Disinfection is more effective on a pre-cleaned surface. Contec NeutraKlean is a gentle and non-foaming detergent designed for cleanrooms. It is ideal for the low level cleaning required after maintenance and to remove disinfectant residues.

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