Upgrade and expand the functionality of your existing spectrophotometer - digital laboratory analysis and next generation UV/Vis for lab 4.0.

NanoCuvettes™ unlock the full potential of a spectrophotometer, and SpectroWorks™ optimises and automates your UV/Vis instrument workflow.  
By enabling label-free measurements of the refractive index you can improve both range and quality of your analysis. 
With the NanoCuvette™ One and S you have all the basic cuvette features, but now you don’t need a microvolume, a refractometer or DLS instrument. You can do robust protein concentrations for R&D and enzyme kinetics without labels or chromophores, and with the NanoCuvette™ S you can now also do spectrophotometric quantification of particle/cell size and concentration analysis. 
With the power of nanotechnology, and analysing data in the cloud, you get faster, more accurate results in the laboratory while lowering upfront investments.
Digitising of your workflow also helps semi-automate routine QC analysis, minimising the effort needed to acquire and transfer data.

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SpectroLinkTM - digitise your UV/Vis workflow

SpectroLink™ connects to your spectrophotometer to acquire, analyse and extract results in one easy workflow via the SpectroWorks™ online platform. Stream and analyse spectrum data in real time on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. SpectroLink™ is the digital bridge between a spectrophotometer and data processing - making it easy to focus on the work instead of drivers and software.

SpectroWorks™ - simplify your UV/Vis workflow and save hours in the lab

SpectroWorks™ simplifies your spectrophotometer workflow to a three-step process allowing you to quickly acquire, analyse and extract results. It includes instrument light simulations for better performance and easy sharing of data with spreadsheets, electronic lab notebooks and python etc. SpectroWorks™ a 'drag and drop', easy to use platform on all UV/Vis instruments. With SpectroWorks™ you get one-click results in minutes, so you can focus on getting things done. After analysis, you can export the results in spreadsheet format or use API-keys to interface with other platforms. 

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NanoCuvette™ One - quantification and kinetics of proteins, enzymes and carbohydrates

With the NanoCuvette™ One you can analyse smaller samples and a large range of concentrations of non absorbing compounds. It expands the capabilities of your spectrophotometer and allows you to perform classic absorbance and label-free spectroscopy via refractive index range measurements. Now you don’t need a micro-volume instrument or an electronic refractometer, because with NanoCuvettes™ you can do robust protein concentration for R&D and enzyme kinetics without label or chromophores.

Easy, fast, and reliable particle size analysis with NanoCuvette™ S

One of the challenges with specialist instruments is the continuous calibration and maintenance to ensure high reliability for size quantification. NanoCuvettes™ have individual calibration from manufacturing, and via the SpectroWorks™ software, will auto calibrate your measurements to ensure highly reliable data aquation.
Particle Size Analysis (PSA) instruments mostly depend on Dynamic Light Scattering, which has an inherent problem with large dynamic ranges due to masking from large particles. Here NanoCuvette™ S, together with SpectroWorks™, utilises a combination of Mie and Rayleigh scattering, using a dual-approach capturing with higher accuracy and reproducibility across a large dynamic range.
Alternatively, one would subcontract PSA quantification, which often takes weeks before reaching the same information which you can obtain within hours using the NanoCuvette™ S.
Traditional PSA instruments can cost upwards to 100.000 Euro and subcontracted PSA quantification can cost approximately 2000 Euro for each sample, which is a costly affair. At a fraction of the cost you can utilise current spectrophotometric infrastructure at prices below 10 Euro per sample.