Floor String Mops

String Floor Mops designed for absorbency and cleanliness are available in polyester, microfiber, polycellulose, and other low linting mop materials.

M-Zone™ MegaSorb™ Microfiber String Mop

This highly absorbent mop combines the cleaning efficiency of microfiber with the ease of a looped string mop. The tufted strands are comprised of polyester and nylon filaments, designed to pick up both liquids and tiny particles, yet low linting for controlled environments.

NovaSorb™ PolyCellulose™ String Mop

An economical, highly absorbent, and lightweight flat-strand string mop that is ideal for single use. It features a blend of polyester/cellulose disposable material that out performs cotton and rayon mops.

NovaKnit™ Polyester Tubular Knit String Mop

An absorbent, tubular knit, string mop for cleaning and disinfecting in controlled and critical environments. The robust construction and looped ends guard against linting – even after multiple launderings.

PharmaPly™ Polyester-Cellulose Twisted String Mop

A lightweight, twisted strand string mop, ideal for covering large surface areas quickly and efficiently with high absorbency. This polyester/cellulose blend makes the mop an economical controlled environment option.