… we make it accessible for you! In this magazine you will find a collection of technical articles regarding innovations, expertise and solutions that will help you to succeed in your life science challenges when working on cell biology and genomics workflows. Expand your application know-how or get confirmation our solutions match your experimental set-up and expectations.

Here is a selection of some of the articles that might interest you whether your focus is around cell biology and proteins or genomics workflows, and for research or scale-up needs:

  • Printing 3D skin constructs with the Corning® Matribot® bioprinter
  • Identification of Natural Killer cells (NK) subsets in mice
  • Optimising upstream biopharmaceutical processing through more effective insight and control of cell culture media and supplement attribute
  • Your all-in-one sequencing platform to uncover the microbial world
  • Optimise PCR protocols with repliQa HiFi ToughMix for fast, high fidelity amplification of GC-rich templates

and much more