Food Safety

3M is a leader in innovative solutions that help the food and beverage industry optimise the quality of their products to enable consumer protection. At every step, 3M provides solutions that help mitigate risk, improve operational efficiencies and impact the bottom line. 

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3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates

3M Petrifilm Plates are ready to use - no preparation required. Each slim pack offers consistent, uniform testing media.
Just open it up and get right to work. Find new freedom with time to focus on what’s really important: Quality and efficiency. 

  • Ready to use — reduce or eliminate time-consuming agar prep
  • Proven testing methods for consistent, reliable results
  • Compact size uses less storage/incubator space

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3M™ Molecular Detection System

3M Molecular Detection System - to be confident in the knowledge that your pathogen testing process is accurate and reliable with the 3M Molecular Detection System. Save time and labour costs with ready to use reagents, a single protocol for all pathogens and same- or next day results. Plus, with a space saving instrument able to test for multiple types of pathogens simultaneously, the 3M Molecular Detection System helps you:

  • Increase productivity
  • Release products quickly
  • Protect your business

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3M™ Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring & Management System

The Clean-Trace System provides rapid verification of cleaning effectiveness as part of an environmental monitoring programme. Offering food processors confidence and control in their cleaning, the system utilises ATP (adenosine triphosphate) bioluminescence detection and combines rapid results with powerful data analysis and reporting for the true value of ATP testing to be realised.

  • Accurate, reliable results in seconds
  • User-friendly
  • Supports audit and reporting requirements and continuous improvement 

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3M™ Allergen Testing

Streamline your process and simplify your allergen testing with 3M Allergen Protein Rapid Tests — qualitative immunochromatographic assays for rapid in-plant monitoring of specific food allergens. Designed for accurate detection of processed and unprocessed allergen proteins, these fast, easy tests can be used for ‘clean in place’ (CIP) final rinse water, environmental swab samples, raw ingredients and finished food products.

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