Ductless Fume Hoods

Ductless recirculating fume hoods are an alternative to fumes cupboard when it is not possible to build an extraction circuit from internal to external. These fume hoods are equipped with filtration technology that is specific to the type of products handled.

Designed for the protection of the user and the environment

  • A flexible/adaptable solution
    Flex™ technology : Modular filtration column adaptable to you and your environment. Solid and liquids, individually or together.
  • A cost-cutting solution
    Very low energy consumption
    Easy installation and relocation, immediate availability
    Reduces infrastructure, set up and running costs
  • A safe solution
    Compliant with the NF X 15-211 : 2009 standard and tested according to the ASHRAE 110 : 1995 standard
    ESP® – Erlab Safety Program: a long lasting user protection solution
  • An environment-friendly solution
    No emission of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere

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