VWR Ergonomic Chairs for Laboratory and Industry

Human ‘evolution’ is getting worse - make sure that you try to make the best out of it!

Laboratory and office work is a striking example of physically awkward sitting positions that can cause blood circulation issues and excessive strain on the body, resulting in fatigue, circulatory disorders, and problems with posture or the musculoskeletal system. We can`t change the evolution of human work but we think that we all should do our best to sit you on a chair/stool which helps you stay healthy.

Sitting for prolonged periods in front of your microscope, pipetting at your bench, or just typing stuff on your PC? Then choose from the models below - they will make you happy AND stay healthy.

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A laboratory chair without any compromises- your daily workhorse!

Our NEW Economy line 2.0 is a simple laboratory chair that still meets all requirements that a laboratory implies. Reliable body support for laboratory work thanks to a permanent contact-backrest. Seat height adjustment, backrest height adjustment comes with an unbeatable price and performance!

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All about Ergonomics- Mr.Lab 2.0 will boost your work to the next level!

Mr. lab 2.0 features its own laboratory ergonomics. Its hygienic upholstery is made of artificial leather. Innovative airflow-technology provides ideal climate comfort. Auto-synchron technology with automatic weight regulation plus smart details as the integrated hook and labelling field makes this one YOUR ONE!

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Reduce spinal stress with our professional level chairs

Having one of these chairs is like visiting a health farm everyday! It took 2 years of study with ergonomic experts, osteopaths and designers to create this range.

The chair is chemical (weak acids) and rip resistant, but the biggest benefits are to your wellbeing. This seating is auto-adaptive, so no adjustment is needed plus body weight is managed evenly, so there is a reduction of pressure under the leg which helps  to avoid that heavy leg feeling and ensure good circulation. Rebalance your body with the professional! 

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Trailblazing NEON industry chairs

These chairs combine ergonomics and functional characteristics with a variety of upholstery options, including the super-comfortable SUPERTEC fabric.

NEON chairs are designed for busy users and have sustainability and economy built in – if the seat upholstery wears out, it can be replaced without having to replace the whole chair!

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Certified seating for cleanrooms

Cleanrooms and sterile environments in microelectronics, pharmaceutical or medical engineering industries present unique seating challenges. We have worked together with industry and research specialists to develop this innovative range.

Our cleanroom chairs combine comfort whilst meeting the requirements of air cleanliness classification 3 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1, cleanroom classification 1 as defined by US Federal Standard 209E, and EU GMP guideline specifications.

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Discharge resistance from ESD chairs

ESD Basic is a tried and tested all-rounder for use in sensitive areas. These low cost chairs provide excellent value for money with an ergonomic design for user comfort and a reliable protection system that ensure discharge resistance in accordance with EN 61340-5-1.

Experience this high performance workplace chair for the electronics industry and stay grounded!

Stay safe!

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Bimos - Industrial ergonomics of Neon

Bimos - Changeable upholstery in the Neon 1 + 1 system

No need to sit for hours? Check out these quick and healthy up and down solutions.

Basic stools, Mr. Lab range

Laboratory stool, black artificial leather seat, adjustable in height by pneumatic spring.

Basic stools, Mr. Lab range - extra wide

Laboratory stool with extra wide seat in black skai PU foam, PA base (plastic and black steel).

Basic laboratory stools, Blue Line range

Laboratory stool with large seating surface, the seat upholstery is made from black PU-foam.

Scientifically proven ergonomic laboratory stools

Laboratory stool, PU foam, black.

Stools, for cleanrooms

Meet requirements of cleanliness classification 3 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 146444-1, cleanroom classification 1 as defined by US Federal Standard 209E.

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