pH basics, better results with better knowledge

  • pH is fundamental to all of life on our planet, at least!
  • Both plants and humans, animals would sicken, if their physiological pH is not kept within very strict limits!
  • The pH measurement is used in almost every type of laboratory, on the field, or in production, for so many reasons.
  • It can be an easy application but also a very complicated one.
  • To have the best, accurate results, it is important to know some basic things.

So if you are a ‘beginner’ or if you have some pH issues, have a look at the video, for some basic information, or the booklets that give you all the information you need or open the troubleshoot to find out what the problem is when your pH-calibration or pH-measurement fails.


Applications for pH measurement

Explore a compilation of white papers, brochures, and application notes that elucidate the process of pH measurement.


Do you want to save time and money?

In this troubleshooting download for pH electrodes, you will find some tests you can do before unnecessarily buying a new pH electrode or sending an instrument without real need to service for repair.