Introducing – The Unusual Suspects & their Poor Victims!

Bella Brand is a proud figure who is worried that any issue in the public eye could ruin her reputation. Recalls can be a major problem for companies, impacting both their brand and their bottom line. Although issues that cause recalls can be rectified at the cost of significant time, effort and money; loss of consumer trust in a brand can have a long lasting and unforgiving impact. Microbial QC testing plays a key role here and could be seen as the last line of defence between a contained issue and a full-blown public recall.

Consuela Consumer wants to enjoy high quality products, fit for purpose and free from contamination.

Pia Products loves making consumers happy and supporting the brand. Her biggest fear is being reprocessed or scrapped when there's nothing wrong with her! An effective micro QC test programme minimises risk of both false-negative and positive results. This ensures, most importantly, that contaminated product is not released into the market, and also that perfectly good batches are not re-processed or scrapped.

Lori Lab Tech tests many samples per day. She wants microbiology products that are easy to use, won't cause her injury or strain, and will improve her workflow!
Micro QC programmes should allow technicians to work with efficiency and in comfort, especially where high test volumes and repetitive motions have potential to cause injury.

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