Masterflex case studies

Case Study: Masterflex® Microflex® Pump Head Used for Applikon® miniBio Bioreactor

Applikon needed a very small pump head that was easy to use, accurate, and provided reproducible results. They reached out to the Masterflex® OEM team for support.

Case Study: A Custom Pump Solution for UV Coating Equipment

How the Masterflex Custom Engineering team improved production in UV coating equipment

Case Study: Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) & Repligen

How the Masterflex Custom Engineering team partnered with Repligen on Custom OEM Pump TFF Filtration System

Case Study: Tangerine Dreams— Irrigating a Citrus Grove with the Help of Masterflex

A citrus grove farmer finds he can banish algae with the help of a Masterflex pump.

Case Study: When a Diagnosis is Crucial—Hustling to Keep the Line Running

When a customer needed a tubing order fast, team members moved into action. Their quick work prevented a production line of much-needed product from shutting down.