Masterflex® L/S® Series Peristaltic Pumps

Versatility and precision

Accurate and reliable pumps featuring easy-to-use connectivity and control.

Flow range: 0.00005 to 3400 mL/min

Masterflex L/S Series peristaltic pumps include fixed and variable speeds, providing high accuracy drives for precise flow control and dispensing. Ideal for laboratory, process and field use.

Characterized by versatility and precision, Masterflex®’s L/S Series peristaltic pumps are accurate and reliable, each featuring easy-to-use connectivity and control.

Masterflex® L/S Series Pumps Features and Benefits

Our L/S series pumps are relied on for high accuracy and repeatable performance, plus advanced features expected in biopharmaceutical and other critical applications today, including: high-accuracy, precision-flowing and dispensing.  

Our product features and benefits include: 

  • High volumetric efficiency 
  • Fluid only touches tubing
  • Capability of operating dry with entrained air
  • Multi-channel models for low pulsation requirement
  • Intuitive control keypad
  • Universal voltage
  • Quick start guide for faster set-up
  • Changing tubes takes 30 seconds
  • Splash-resistant front panel
  • Reversible pump direction flow
  • Precision flow control 

Our pumps are easy to use, easy to maintain, and ergonomically designed for ideal lab implementation. 

Find over 20 pump tubing formulations across 10 L/S series compatible sizes. Precision engineered for the Masterflex® peristaltic pumps, giving the highest accuracy and longest life. 

Masterflex L/S Series Pump Components

Reimage fluid handling

NEW integrated sensor technology, intuitive touchscreen and MasterflexLive® remote monitoring for the biopharma industry of tomorrow

Masterflex L/S® MasterSense™ Process Pump, with MasterflexLive®

Precise, repeatable performance that is quick and easy to set up and program, IP66 stainless steel housing

Masterflex UltraPharm™ Filling / Dispensing Pump for L/S® Precision Double-Y Tube Sets

A highly accurate IP66, stainless steel benchtop pump system for dosing, dispensing, and fill/finish applications

Masterflex L/S® MasterSense™ Pump, with MasterflexLive®

High precision, repeatable flow control, and reliable performance, you can have it all in one small footprint

Custom services and tools

Custom-engineered solutions

Partnering on custom engineered pumps – making ideas reality for over 50 years.

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Custom cut-to-length tubing

We have the flexibility to meet your needs and save you time and money. Choose your tubing type, length and quantity.

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With MasterflexLive®, you get real-time monitoring of all pump parameters.

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Masterflex single-use

Your source for disposable sterile bioprocess assemblies

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