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Staying up to date with the most recent developments is crucial to help you to guarantee safety and compliance in your food and/or beverage testing process.

Take a look at some examples of application notes below and discover everything you need for your testing process in the brewery or the dairy, beverage, or food manufacturing area. The newest ISO norms such as  EN ISO 22964:2017 for Cronobacter spp. and  ISO 6579-1 for Salmonella are no secret for us.

Food and beverage application notes

Beer analysis

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Dairy industry

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Food manufacturing

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Beverage manufacturing

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Products for the food and beverage industry

Instrumental analysis

Instrumental food analysis is vital. It demonstrates the safety of food, the accuracy of labels, and compliance with national and international regulations. But it can be challenging. How can our products help you?

  • Premium products for ISO, DIN and CEN methods
  • Regulatory compliance support
  • Application notes available for several F&B applications

laboratory auxiliaries

Merck offers you all kinds of general lab products for everyday use in your food and beverage application:

  • water purification systems
  • sea sand
  • Extran® cleaning detergents
  • Sterikon® Bioindicators
  • EMSURE® acids, bases, caustic alkalis, salts and solvents


One of the most important parts in food and beverage quality control is microbiology:

  • Detection of unwanted microorganisms in food and beverage products or raw material
  • Microbial air monitoring to ensure a safe production or testing environment

Photometry and rapid tests

Merck has over 100 years of experience in the field of analytics.  All test kits, test strips and photometric systems are designed for optimal precision, speed and easy handling in food and beverage testing. 

The water, food and environmental analytics catalog has all the products for your specific application. Next to that, several specific application notes are available on request.