Titration with Merck chemicals and solutions

Titration is a quantitative chemical analysis to determin the unknown concentration of any substance. Depending on the substance you want to analyse, different titration reactions can be used. Acid base titration is used for alkalimetry or acidimetry. Redox titration is used for bromatometry, cerimetry, chromatometry, chromometry, iodometry, permanganometry, titanometry and ferrometry. Precipitation is used to determine the concentration of silver nitrate, also called argentometry. Complexometric titration is particularly interesting for the determination of a mixture of different metal ions in solution.

Depending on the type of titration reaction, different mediums can be used:

  • Aqueous
  • Non-Aqueous
  • Two-Phase titration

The Merck range for titration consists of following products:

  • Titripur® for volumetric titration
  • Aquastar® for karl Fischer titration
  • Titriplex® for complexometric titration
  • Titrisol® concentrates
  • Titripac® smart packaging solution
  • Smartchemicals for automation with Mettler Toledo instruments
  • 3S reagents for automation with Metrohm instruments

Merck Titripur® volumetric solutions

Outstanding purity, quality and reliability for metal or impurity analysis, assays, or concentration determination.

Merck Titripac® volumetric solutions

Merck's innovative packaging solution that saves time, money and protects the environment. Winner of the Green Good Design Award 2016.

Merck Volumetric Standards

Certipur® volumetric standards are reliable and certified reference materials which ensure accurate titration results.

Merck SmartChemicals for Mettler Toledo systems

Supelco® SmartTitrants and Supelco® SmartStandards are Merck’s latest development in titration technology.

Merck 3S chemicals for Metrohm OMNI systems

3S is an intelligent packaging solution protected with an originality seal. There is an automatic data transfer between the cap and the Metrohm OMNI titrator using RFID (radio-frequency identification).

Merck indicators

An acid-alkali indicator or pH indicator is a coloring agent which changes color to display