Introducing – The Unusual Suspects & Their Poor Victims!

Bingwen Bug Beater - is a fiend who loves nothing more than beating up and destroying microorganisms. Normally that would be a good thing - but when you're trying to recover organisms for accurate micro QC testing unfortunately Benoit can reduce recovery and cause false negatives!

Hannah Holey - a close partner in crime to Benoit - if there are any microorganisms that Benoit doesn't manage to beat up, be sure that Hannah will cast them down a black hole into oblivion so they are not recovered on the membrane! Unfortunately not all microbiology membranes offer the same level of microbial recovery - so watch out!

Difficult Dara - a protective character who wants to keep her membrane to herself. Microbiology filter funnels are supposed to be there to help, however, Dara is not easy to work with and won’t give up her membrane without a struggle!
Shuji Solid Grid - an illusive character, and a good friend to all microorganisms, doing his best to hide them from onlooking lab technicians and inhibit colony growth!

Christophe Cross Contamination - once a fan of clean living, Christophe got so big he couldn't fit into the shower - unfortunately he's full of microorganisms and ready to contaminate anything around him!

Now you have met the Unusual Suspects, meet their poor victims!