The Pall-Vengers are here – the battle is on!

Microfunnel helps you minimise the risk of false-negative results and potential recalls with a few nice advantages. Firstly its gradations are on the outside of the funnel, not the inside, meaning microorganisms in the sample do not get trapped, which could otherwise cause false-negatives. Next, the ‘Easy Squeeze’ feature, not only makes life easy for the lab technician when accessing the membrane, but it also reduces risk of membrane tearing and keeps the membrane protected. After filtration, the bottom section can even be removed, injected with media and incubated directly - eliminating the need to remove the membrane and plate!

For those needing flexibility – the Sentino funnel is disposable and can be used to plate the same test sample onto various different media, saving time and money!

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Pall microbiology membranes also minimise chances of false-negatives with membrane technology that maximises microbial recovery. Also, it's dotted matrix grid lines do not inhibit colony growth compared to solid markings.

The New Pall Microbiology Manifold optimises testing without sacrificing cleanliness. It can easily be completely taken apart for cleaning and autoclaving, and its modularity ensures that even a 6-place can fit into a standard bench top autoclave. It's design also eliminates backflow and burping. These things helps minimise the risk of cross-contamination and false-positives which could otherwise result in re-testing, re-processing or worse - scrapping a perfectly good batch of product!

From a usability perspective, the manifold is extremely easy to use and can even be adjusted to be used to the left or right of the vacuum pump to make life easy for the technician. The Sentino Dispenser for membranes, the Sentino Pump for testing without a vacuum and entire Sentino range are designed with workflow and usability in mind - making life easy for your technicians!

Has the battle been won, or will the Unusual Suspects continue to cause havoc in micro QC labs? 

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