Pens and Markers for Superior Documentation

Good documentation practices are imperative across controlled environments. From low sodium ink pens for electronics/semiconductor paper records to irradiated markers for labeling plastic, glass, and paper in aseptic areas and RABS, Micronova's range of pens and packaging configurations will meet most laboratory and production requirements. All pens and markers are available gamma irradiated for aseptic environments.

Capped Cleanroom Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint cleanroom pens featuring low sodium, indelible ink and a special high-density polypropylene barrel to limit particle generation. Available in black, blue, or red. The barrels hold up to IPA, bleach, or phenol wipe downs.

Retractable Cleanroom Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint click pens with indelible, low-sodium ink and high-density polypropylene barrel. Also has an easy click retractable nib designed for documentation and labeling in cleanrooms. Holds up to IPA, bleach, and disinfectant wipe downs. Black or blue ink.

IPA Resistant, LabMarkers™

Fine tip permanent marker with isopropyl alcohol-resistant ink that will not smear on glass, metal or porcelain, but can be washed off with soap. Marks on cold or wet surfaces and excellent on plastic bags and disposable lab-ware.

Irradiated Sharpie® Fine Point Markers

The original pen style, industry standard permanent marker, suitable for Aseptic ISO 5 and other clean production areas. Alcohol-based ink is fade and water resistant. Writes on cold or wet surfaces, plastic bags and disposable lab-ware. Available capped or retractable and in red, blue, or black ink.

Irradiated UltraFine Smear-Proof Marker

The thinnest permanent line (0.3 mm) paired with a long nib and quick-dry ink, provides a marker that is ideal for lab samples and slides, as well as writing in limited spaces. The ink is also quick to dry and smear-proof. Works well with glass, plastic, and paper substrates.