3M Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Health and Safety Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

You can rely on 3M to equip health & safety professionals with personal protective equipment solutions for the multi-faceted world of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Top Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes and Tasks:

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient
Helping health and safety leaders with the latest advancements in personal protection equipment when tackling the challenging occupational workplace hazards of API including highly potent APIs with an OEL lower than 1μg/m3.

Formulation and Packaging
Leveraging personal protective equipment innovations when addressing occupational health and safety hazards for drug substance formulation and packaging.

Maintenance and Cleaning
Delivering PPE solutions for potential occupational hazards with ongoing maintenance activities including decontamination or cleaning of cleanrooms or production suites with challenging cleaning agents such as peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.



3M™ Secure Click™ Reusable Half Mask HF-800 Series

Designed with smart and intuitive features 3M Secure Click Reusable Respirator HF-800 Series is simple, comfortable and reliable. The new 3M Secure Click Series features a quick, simple cartridge/filter connection. It works just like a seat belt. Simply align the connections and push until you hear a click and feel confident that filters and cartridges are installed properly.

3M™ Versaflo™ Powered Air Turbo TR-800

TR-800 is an intrinsically safe powered air turbo from the 3M Versaflo range. When coupled with the Versaflo family of headtops, filters and accessories, TR-800 provides protection against a variety of gases and particulate hazards. Comfort is maximised with three user selectable flow rates and controlled airflow.

3M™ PELTOR™ LiteCom Headsets

3M PELTOR LiteCom Headsets are our hearing protectors with a built-in pre-programmed two-way communication environments to help you communicate efficiently over hazardous noise.

3M™ E-A-R™ Express™ Earplugs

3M E-A-R Express Earplugs are our recognisable yellow and blue earplugs with a foam tip that’s shaped and sized for a comfortable fit. They can reduce noise levels by 28 dB and have a hygienic insertion grip. 

3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Glasses 400 Series

3M SecureFit Safety Glasses 400 Series comprise of a rimless lens and wide flexible temple arms for solid side protection and popular to be used in combination with Ear Muffs. Temples also feature 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology (PDT) which allows the safety spectacle temples to naturally adjust to individuals head sizes giving wearers a secure and comfortable fit. Reduces slippage from head movements. Contoured brow guard rests comfortably against forehead and helps provide additional coverage from flying particles. Soft nose bridge for a comfortable fit. They are available in 7 lens options.

3M™ Electronic Test System for Steam Sterilizers (ETS)™

ETS is an easy to use electronic test device which provides comprehensive, objective, independent information about the critical variables of the steam sterilization process in which it is used. ETS provides an innovative alternative to the traditional Bowie and Dick test pack and its derivatives.

3M™ Nomad™ Ultra Clean Matting 4300

This contamination control mat is a disposable, dust collecting floor mat consisting of 40 sheets coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive. It is designed to help protect clean areas where cleanliness and hygiene are critical factors. It can assist you in obtaining ISO14644-1 certification Class 4 to 8 for clean rooms.

Lane Marking & Hazard Warning

A tape for every job. Whether you’re marking a wall, a pipe, or a loading dock, 3M has the right product durability, flexibility and vibrant color you need to help maximize your workflow, safety and factory or warehouse appearance.

  • Supports low to high traffic areas
  • Makes floor layouts easy and quick to change
  • Fast & easy to apply
  • One-piece, clean removal from many surfaces
  • Long-term high visibility and abrasion resistance