RightCycle™ - the first true recycling programme for Kimtech™ nitrile gloves and garments


What’s the cost of sustainability?

From now on your used, uncontaminated Kimtech nitrile gloves and garments are no longer waste but can be recycled with the RightCycle Program from Kimberly-Clark Professional

VWR introduces the RightCycle Program from Kimberly-Clark Professional*. The first, true, 'end of lif'e recycling solution for uncontaminated nitrile gloves and garments. This innovative programme enables you to collect previously 'hard to recycle' items. Choose Kimtech and achieve your sustainability goals!

  • Contact your local VWR representative for more information on Kimtech products and the RightCycle Program also how to implement it into your organization
  • As a Kimtech customer you can you can sign up for RightCycle.
  • All you need to get started are collection boxes and a pallet, stickers and signs for the collection boxes and a bulk bag for the pallet will be provided.
  • Once the bulk bag is full, email or phone to arrange return shipment.
  • You will have to pay for the transport of the pallet to the closest warehouse of our recycling partner but storing and recycling which constitute the majority of the programme costs will be paid by Kimberly-Clark Professional™.
  • The collected garments and gloves will be recycled into new eco-friendly products
  • NOTE : Service is currently available in UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands.