Safe & Secure Sample Storage Of Food &/Or Beverages

Store it. Monitor it. Move it. Secure it. 

After quality control and approval of your batches, sample storage of each batch which leaves a F&B company is an important and legally necessary step in providing safe foods and beverages to the market. Even for storage of your samples, a company must be sure, that they can check and provide data to official authorities every time. Avantor™ has combined all a company needs to store, monitor, secure and move samples in a safe and correct way with the highest quality standards available on the market.

Durability and cleanliness is paramount when it comes to storage solutions - but let`s have a little fun aside with the METRO MASHER

Easy and safe assembly PLUS monitoring each access of personnel is a real benefit to building up your storage room - see how easy it can be

Whole storage rooms

Storage of retention samples of each batch can be annoying - look at our easy solution. Ask our specialists to set up whole storage rooms in a fast and comfortable way!

Fridges and freezers

VWR offers a choice of laboratory fridges and freezers which are safe, reliable and energy efficient.

Temperature and humidity management plus data loggers

We offer a huge portfolio of tools for temperature and humidity measurement, and data logging for real time visibility and monitoring of temperature and humidity for today's busy food industry - from manufacture and packaging to storage and distribution.

Storage and transport systems from Metro

Providing a complete shelving unit in a single box, Convenience Pak™ shelving is the easy to order alternative to separate shelving components.