Manufacturing personal protection and workwear

Avantor Personal Protection

Personal protection equipment can help reduce your exposure to workplace hazards. Avantor offers a comprehensive range of head-to-toe personal protection products from industry leaders who are committed to helping you provide optimal safety, comfort, and durability.

Hand Protection

Hand injuries can be a common occurrence in any lab. Avantor has protective gloves for many applications involving chemicals, sensitive materials, sharp edges, rough objects, or extreme-temperature conditions. See what we offer.

Eye and Face Protection

You can help avoid eye and facial injuries by providing everyone in your lab with appropriate glasses, goggles or face shields. Avantor offers a comprehensive list of products that can protect you from chemical splashes, particles, or other hazards.

Protective Apparel

Everyone in your lab should be safe if there’s a chance of contamination. We have a range of apparel to provide protection, comfort, and durability in cleanrooms, manufacturing, laboratories, and other environments. Look at what we offer.

Respiratory Protection

Avantor can provide the respiratory protection you need to protect yourself and meet OSHA and NIOSH requirements. We can help you protect from particles, gasses, chemical fumes, mists, and other hazards. See how we can help you.

Chemical Resistant Apparel

No matter what kind of lab you work in, Avantor has the chemical-resistant aprons, coveralls, and other garments you need to protect yourself from toxins, irritants, corrosives, and other hazardous materials. See what we have to offer.

Hearing Protection

Loud noises can permanently damage your hearing. Protect yourself from hearing loss by choosing from Avantor’s broad selection of hearing protection products that cover a range of noise reduction ratings. See what we offer for your lab.

Solutions for your workplace during the Covid-19 pandemic

Tapes, signs, wipes and protective screens to keep your workplaces safe during COVID-19.