Equipment - Sentino® microbiology system

316L Stainless steel manifold, autoclavable

Unique microbiology manifold with modular design that allows you to optimize testing without sacrificing cleanliness.

 Pall Microbiology Manifold

 Combining Multiple Manifolds


Part No. 4892
Standard Adaptor
Ideal for Sentino® Magnetic Filter Funnels
Part No. 4959
Elongated Standard Adaptor
Ideal for Magnetic Filter Funnels
Part No. 4890
MicroFunnel Adaptor
Ideal for MicroFunnel™, MicroFunnel ST, MicroFunnel Plus and MicroCheck® devices
Part No. 4891
Sentino Funnel Adapto Ideal for Sentino Filter Funnels


Sentino® microbiology pump

Peristaltic pump with compact design very simple to use.

 Pall Sentino® Pump


Sentino® membrane dispenser

Simple design and reliable dispense are the main features of this membrane dispenser.

 Pall Sentino® Dispenser