Sugars and carbohydrates compendial and multi compendial


Key carbohydrates for bioprocessing

Biopharmaceutical production often uses carbohydrates at different stages of the process, notably fermentation , cell culture or formulation.


  • Very high purity
  • Produced by VWR's GMP high purity ingredients & active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing plant
  • Complete and comprehensive Certificate of Analysis showing the typical specifications for products used in bioprocessing
  • Available in different pack sizes (usually 1, 5 or 25 kg)
  • Special packaging and extra specifications on request



  Description Pack size Cat. No. Promo price Quantity
  Glucose anhydrous PH EUR*USP 500g 284504SE  
  5 kg 284508WE  
  25kg 28450BFE  
  Glucose hydrated PH EUR 1 kg 24369.290E  
  25kg 24369.461E  
  Fructose PH EUR 1 kg 24282.290E  
  5 kg 24282.368E  
  25kg 24282.461E  
  D-Galactose PH EUR*NF endotoxin tested 1 kg 3441.1000E  
  25kg 3441.5000E  
  25kg 3441.9025E  
  D-Trehalose PH EUR*NF endotoxin tested 1 kg 3599.1000E  
  5 kg 3599.5000E  
  25kg 3599.9025E  
  Mannitol PH EUR*USP 1 kg 25311.297E  
  5 kg 25311.366E  
  25kg 25311.468E  
  D(+) Saccharose PH EUR 1 kg 27483.294E  
  5 kg 27483.363E  
  25kg 27483.465E