The Unusual Suspects

Every analytical laboratory can be at threat from the everyday issues caused by the same troublesome characters.  These troublemakers can affect sample preparation and the results of your analyses.  So just who are these Unusual Suspects?

Who are these vicious criminals?

Eddie Extractable

Eddie is a dangerous individual who hides in plastics, ready to create ghost peaks and ruin results when the chance comes!

Patty Particulate

Patty loves to block things up, causing backpressure and false results wherever she can!

Barry Backpressure

A real bully, Barry enjoys nothing more than boxing with any thumb that tried to push down on one of his syringes!

Alice Air Bubble

Although seemingly innocent, Alice has a nasty habit of slowing things down and messing up results.

How are these vicious criminals infiltrating your lab?

Get to know the poor unsuspecting victims!

Pedro Peaks

Pedro likes to see himself as a real trend-setter with his perfectly-styled chromatogram-inspired hair. Nothing better mess it up for him!

Theodore Thumb

Theodore loves nothing more than a quick, easy syringe to push down on. Some may say that’s just strange – others would also agree…that is strange…

Carolina Column

Carolina prides herself on her ability to sort things out for other people and always helps to break down other people’s problems. She likes to look trim!