Victims Under Attack! The Unusual Suspects Stop at Nothing!

Bingwen Bug Beater…is armed with a can of EtO - which when used to sterilise microbiology filtration products can leave residue and kill the microorganisms you are trying to recover! He also has a membrane grid swotter to kill microorganisms - the solid lines of membrane grids can prevent colony formation, reducing recovery and causing inaccurate counts or false results. On top of that, he does anything to hold microorganisms up and stop them reaching the membrane, collecting them in his bag - gradations marks on the inside of microbiology funnels can cause microorganism hold up, preventing them being recovered on the membrane and causing false results. In the same way, the square bottoms of some funnels can also trap microorganisms and prevent recovery.

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Hannah Holey works closely with Benoit - if microorganisms aren't killed or held up from reaching the membrane, poor quality membranes will not provide good recovery of microorganisms, giving the potential for false negative results!

Your brand and consumers matter above all - minimising risk of false negatives to avoid recalls is a must!

Difficult Dara… is a tough character and will not easily give away his membrane! Some microbiology filter funnel products can make it very hard to extract the membrane, requiring a lot of downward pressure to physically break the membrane away from the funnel.

Shuji Solid Grid…gets paid commission based on the amount of lab technicians he can send to the optician for eye strain. Solid grids can make it difficult to accurately count colonies as well as straining eyes under the microscope when counting!

When your lab technicians are performing multiple tests a day - usability is a must!

Christophe Cross-Contamination… is unfortunately the cause of unnecessary re-testing, re-processing and scrapped batches as a result of false-positive micro QC test results. Microbiology vacuum manifolds can cause burping or backflow of previous sample fluids onto a new test membrane. In addition, some manifolds are too difficult to take apart and too big to easily autoclave, creating the potential for a dirty manifold to cause cross-contamination from one test to another.

To protect your bottom line, avoiding false positives through minimising cross-contamination is a must!

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