VWR® amino acid derivates for biopharmaceutical production


Products in various forms to meet the requirement of our biopharmaceutical and biotechnology customers

  • Bulk dry fine chemicals
  • Liquid formulations in packaging configurations integral to your process requirements
  • Manufactured in ISO-certified facilities that consistently meet customer requirements for cGMP compliance
  • Overview of substance for biopharmaceutical production
  Description Pack size Cat. No. Promo price Quantity
  Asparagine, Anhydrous 100 g 15005.180E  
  1 kg 15005.297E  
  5 kg 15005.366E  
  25 kg 15005.468E  
  L-Cystine Dihydrochloride 1kg 21502.297E  
  5 kg 21502.366E  
  25 kg 21502.468E  
  Hypoxanthine Disodium Salt 100 g 31608.180E  
  1 kg 31608.297E  
  5 kg 31608.366E  
  25 kg 31608.468E  
  Hypoxanthine Sodium Salt 100 g 31752.180E  
  1 kg 31752.297E  
  5 kg 31752.366E  
  25 kg 31752.468E  
  L-Lysine, Anhydrous 100 g 42307.180E  
  1 kg 42307.297E  
  5 kg 42307.366E  
  25 kg 42307.468E  
  L-Tyrosine Disodium Dihydrate 100 g 87058.180E  
  1 kg 87058.297E  
  5 kg 87058.366E  
  25 kg 87058.468E