VWR Easyscan is the most convenient way of ordering products for your laboratory.  It does not matter if you are a heavy user of our website, or ordering occasionally, this is the best and fastest solution around for ordering.

No more scribbling notes, no more keeping scores on a form on the wall. Its quick, error free and no hassle.

Just stick barcodes of VWR products on the shelf, and scan whenever you need a product.  Alternatively, you can print your own personalized catalogue with barcodes in it, so you can pick and choose from there!!

Creating barcodes can be done straight from the VWR web shop, so you do not need additional software or hardware for it.

All you just need a very simple and cost effective scanner, the VWR Easyscan software, and you are ready to go. You can share a scanner with more people, or let each employee have his own. Its up to you! If you want a demonstration of the possibilities, see our instructional videos, or contact us to get more information!

Printing barcodes on the VWR web shop is a breeze. We offer you several options to generate the barcodes you need, so you can start enjoying the benefits of this solution. All options described below assume you are logged in. If you do not have a profile yet, click here to obtain one!

You can print barcodes from virtually anywhere on the site where there is a list of article numbers. The most convenient place would be from the shopping list area. You can then choose to:


You can specify a format and print, so you can stick the labels on the shelves where your products are on.

You can switch to the format you want by using the pull down box on the shopping list Click “generate barcodes” and a PDF will be generated for you to print at your convenience. This paper is available at you local office supplies store.


Clicking the “generate PDF Catalogue pages” on the shopping list page. This will generate a complete catalogue with pictures and everything else including barcodes! In this way, you can create the catalogue you like, and order with this great new feature!

Here are some examples of how the barcodes would look:

Barcode Labels L7162

Mini Catalogue

For the installation of the scanner hardware, we would like to refer to the manual that was enclosed with your scanner.


If you are unsure about installing this software, contact your IT helpdesk or the VWR helpdesk at info.ie@vwr.com

Software Installation

After having downloaded the software from the site, please open the file “VWR_setup” to install the software, you will be presented the following screen. Click “next” if you want to continue installing.

Next you have to specify the location to where you want to install the software. If you are using more users on the same windows PC, you can select if you want to install the software for just your users, or all users using your PC. Click “next” if you want to continue installing.

Please hit “next” if you want to install the software

The installation is now complete. You close the window.

If the installation is finished, you should be seeing the VWR logo in the so called “system tray”

Configuring the software for first time use

Right click on the VWR icon in the system tray to open it. Then click “menu” to enter settings

You will be presented with several options that we will go through here:

COM port: Specifies the port the VWR scanner is connected to. Port 1 is default. When you are using USB, you might want to try 8. If you do not have a driver installed for the COM port, please install the following driver on your PC.

Language: Here you can define the language in which the software will display itself

Country: You should select the country from which you want to go and order with the VWR Easy Order system

Username: Your username on the VWR webshop. If you don’t have a user yet, click here to get one

Password: Your password on the VWR Webshop

Selecting “remember” lets the software remember your username and password, so you only have to fill them out once. If you are using the scanner and software with more persons, you might want to leave this flag turned off.

Selecting “autostart” will make windows start this software every time you start up your PC.

When you are done creating your settings, you may save the setting with the “save” button and close the window

You are now ready to create your first order! Scan a few barcodes of products that you want to order and connect your scanner. (don’t worry, the system will not order directly , it will create a shopping basket as you would do normally on the VWR webshop)

You can now click “send” and you will prompted for your username and password of you had not set them in the menu screen

After clicking “send order” the system will start a browser session and will create a shopping basket from your scanned barcodes!!

Can I use other sources or software to generate my barcodes?

As long as you convert a valid VWR article number into a code 128 barcode, there should not be an issue

Can I use the barcodes on the products of suppliers that VWR has in its assortment

No you can not. In a lot of cases, those barcodes do not code for the article number. For the VWR Easy Order solution, it is imperative that the barcode codes for a valid VWR item number

Can I use one scanner with more than one persons?

Yes you can. You can install the software on as many PC’s as you want, as long as it has access to the internet. You can then just connect the scanner to any of those PC’s and it would just work.

Would I be able to manage my stockroom with such a scanner, it look interesting for that.

You could. VWR has special software available for you where you can manage your inventory in an easy way. Please fill out this form to get more information on this

How many barcodes can I scan before i connect?

In theory, about 150. That means in practice that you can just scan along for a couple of weeks, and create the order at your convenience.

How long are the barcodes stored in the memory of the scanner?

Basically, until the battery runs out or you remove the batteries. It would be wise to have some kind of frequency in your ordering behavior to make sure you don’t lose codes in your scanner.