VWR SearchPad

VWR SearchPad is a tablet-based search interface for researchers and scientists who are currently using VWR’s Laboratory Supplies Inventory Management, powered by VSR+ technology.

Convenience – Visibility – Procurement Solution from Labs to All Stocking Locations

In many science and research institutes, there are multiple laboratories and stockrooms with laboratory supplies specific to each area of research. The VWR SearchPad, integrated with VWR’s Inventory Management software, VSR+ can locate products across multiple laboratories or stockrooms, listed by proximity of current location using GPS capability. Scientists can request products to be brought to a specific lab by a VWRCATALYST onsite personnel or they can walk to pick up the article in the closest location.

Benefits of the VWR SearchPad and Inventory Management, powered by VSR+ technology:

  • VSR+ technology provides 360˚ visibility from the scientist’s bench to all stocking points in your supply chain
  • Cloud-based system supports mobile inventory management and provides a user-friendly interface
  • VSR+ technology system supports VWR products and third-party products from any vendor
  • Simplified administrative tasks: finding products, monitoring stock consumption, replenishing inventory through vwr.com, and verifying incoming shipments
  • Features an activity-based notification and messaging system informing users, managers and administrators about pending tasks such as orders, picking requests, shipments and low critical product inventory
  • Real-time updates on inventory across all locations – labs and stockrooms
  • Easy to deploy and can integrate with your back-end system using built-in configurators, allowing you to connect to your environment

*Please note, in order to operate the VWR SearchPad application, the VWR Inventory Management, powered by VSR+ technology will need to be setup and configured. VWR can make an assessment of your needs and offer the appropriate product, training and support requirements. Please contact your local VWR office for an evaluation or vwr.com.