Enzymatic digester, GDE

SA30410209 SA30400209
VELPSA30410209EA 2390 EUR
VELPSA30410209 VELPSA30400209
Enzymatic digester, GDE
Baths Water Baths, Stirred
The procedure for determining dietary fibre exposes the sample to a series of enzymatic digestions that simulate the real digestive process which takes place in the human or animal digestive tract, calculating the undigested residue remaining at the end of the analysis. Generally dietary fibre analysis is carried out on foods intended for human consumption whereas raw fibre analysis is carried out on animal feeds or on raw materials of vegetable origin, eg. cereals. The GDE performs enzymatic digestion, a delicate phase where samples are immersed in a thermostatic water bath and stirred. Continuous and constant sample mixing is necessary in order to prevent the sample from overheating. The unit consists of an immersion thermostat, a transparent polycarbonate tank and a VELP 6-place magnetic stirrer to ensure excellent thermoregulation and precision. The use of deionised water is recommended as it eliminates any possible cause of limescale.

  • Intuitive digital display allows the required temperature to be set with accuracy of ±0,2 °C
  • Suitable for unattended operation

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