Chromatography columns, Omnifit®

OMNI006BCC-15-10AAEA 1330 EUR
OMNI006BCC-15-10AA OMNI006BCC-25-10FF OMNI006BCC-35-25AA OMNI006BCC-25-25FF OMNI006BCC-06-10AF OMNI006BCC-25-15FF OMNI006BCC-15-50FF OMNI006BCC-06-40AF OMNI006BCC-25-25AA OMNI006BCC-06-25AF OMNI006BCC-15-15AA OMNI006BCC-50-40AF OMNI006BCC-50-50FF OMNI006BCC-15-40FF OMNI006BCC-25-50AA OMNI006BCC-15-15AF OMNI006BCC-10-40AA OMNI006BCC-15-25AA OMNI006BCC-25-50FF OMNI006BCC-15-50AA OMNI006BCC-06-05FF OMNI006BCC-10-15AA OMNI006BCC-50-40AA OMNI006BCC-35-40AF OMNI006BCC-35-40AA OMNI006BCC-10-50FF OMNI006BCC-25-50AF OMNI006BCC-35-15FF OMNI006BCC-10-25AA OMNI006BCC-15-50AF OMNI006BCC-50-50AA OMNI006BCC-25-10AA OMNI006BCC-15-25AF OMNI006BCC-50-25AA OMNI006BCC-10-10AF OMNI006BCC-10-40FF OMNI006BCC-10-15FF OMNI006BCC-06-25AA OMNI006BCC-25-15AF OMNI006BCC-10-15AF OMNI006BCC-15-25FF OMNI006BCC-25-15AA OMNI006BCC-15-10FF OMNI006BCC-35-15AF OMNI006BCC-10-25FF OMNI006BCC-50-25AF OMNI006BCC-06-25FF OMNI006BCC-15-10AF OMNI006BCC-06-15AF OMNI006BCC-10-50AA OMNI006BCC-15-40AF OMNI006BCC-10-10AA OMNI006BCC-10-25AF OMNI006BCC-35-25AF OMNI006BCC-06-05AF OMNI006BCC-06-40FF OMNI006BCC-25-40AA OMNI006BCC-50-40FF OMNI006BCC-25-40FF OMNI006BCC-15-15FF OMNI006BCC-10-50AF OMNI006BCC-06-15FF OMNI006BCC-10-40AF OMNI006BCC-06-15AA OMNI006BCC-25-10AF OMNI006BCC-06-05AA OMNI006BCC-50-50AF OMNI006BCC-35-40FF OMNI006BCC-06-40AA OMNI006BCC-15-40AA OMNI006BCC-25-40AF OMNI006BCC-25-25AF
Chromatography columns, Omnifit®
These columns are designed to suit the majority of standard laboratory chromatography applications. They are ideal for aqueous systems and compatible with solvents used in common liquid chromatography applications such as protein purification.

  • Economical modular columns for low pressure or gravity feed, providing even distribution of eluent to the medium bed, with or without flow adapters
  • Borosilicate glass columns, PTFE endpieces
  • Compatible with a variety of bulk media

Operating temperature: 4 - 60 °C

Operating pressure: 6,6 mm 60 bar; 10 mm 40 bar; 15 mm 20 bar; 25, 35 and 50 mm 10 bar

pH stability: 1 - 14
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