Cleanroom anti-fatigue mats, Infinity Bubbles

Supplier: Ergomat
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Cleanroom anti-fatigue mats, Infinity Bubbles
Floor Mats Traction and Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
The Infinity Bubble mat has the comfort of a polyurethane mat and easy clean properties due to its closed-cell and non-porous top surface. It is UV and chemical resistant (except for organic solvents).

  • Upper side with bubbles
  • Moulded bevelled edges prevent curling, eliminates trip hazards
  • Virgin raw material guarantee durability and ergonomic benefits
  • Chemical and UV exposure will not affect the state of the top of the mat
  • Closed cell and non-porous surface allows easy wash down and cleaning
  • Solid mat throughout, no hollow bubbles that collapse
  • Anti-static, free from silicone and latex

Colour: Black or white
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