Pump drives, rotarus®

Supplier: Hirschmann Laborgeräte
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Pump drives, rotarus®
Pumps Pump Drives Peristaltic Pump Drives
The rotarus® peristaltic pump series has a selection of different motors, varying housing safety classes and intelligent control of delivery volumes, covering a broad spectrum of application areas in the laboratory or industry.

  • Changeable pump heads, single and multichannel design
  • Rapid tool-free changing of pump heads
  • Calibratable
  • Operation with 24 V DC, outdoor use is also possible with appropriate accessoires
  • USB- and RS232 interface for PC connection
  • Flow rate depends on the pump head type used

50 and 100 W motors ensure precise delivery in speed ranges from 0,2 to 500 min⁻¹. This means that media with a high viscosity can also be accurately dispensed. Configuration data for basic parameters can also be stored in this manner and retrieved at any time. The flow and volume models have automatic blockage detection and tube rupture monitoring.

rotarus® standard: Powerful basic model with control panel on the housing. Speed can be programmed directly on the unit.

rotarus® flow: Comfortable delivery pump with control options for velocity and flow speed. Particularly suitable for delivery tasks which require a particular delivery speed calibrated in flow rate. Control panel on the housing for basic functions (speed); external control module with TFT touchscreen for further functions (flow rate). Automatic pump head and tube detection with RFID-technology. Integrated blockage detection and rupture monitoring.

rotarus® volume: Extremely comfortable and accurate dispensing pump - the top model. Selection options for speed, flow rate, dispensing duration, total volume and a range of other intelligent functions. Different pump methods with variable cycles and graduated speeds can also be controlled. Control panel/-module, RFID-technology, blockage detection and rupture monitoring like rotarus® flow.

rotarus® smart: Rounds off the selection of rotarus® pump drives in the basic segment. The control panel on the housing enables simple and rapid configuration of the most important parameters, and the speed can be programmed directly on the unit. Due to its low space requirement, easily integrated in an existing laboratory environment or production system. Available with 30 or 40 W motor.

rotarus® fast: Has been specially designed for combination with piston pump heads. The homogenous geometry of the pump head adaption also enable use of all peristaltic pump heads in the rotarus® family. It embodies maximum intelligence and can be used either as a delivery pump, but also as a dispensing pump. As in the entire rotarus family, the parameters required for this can be programmed in an extremely clear and self-explanatory manner using a TFT touchscreen. The RFID technology detects the fitted pump head, and the rotarus® fast adjusts automatically to the appropriate parameters without the intervention of the operator. This enables, for example, automatic activation of the maximum speed best suited to the pump head. The optimum pump head delivery rate is therefore exploited as a result, while wear is simultaneously reduced. Available with 80 W motor.

Accessories information: Pump heads and accessories: The rotarus family includes an extensive selection of single and multichannel peristaltic pump heads as well as piston pump heads. The connection technology is conceived for quick and easy handling. The pump heads can be changed with a single action, without using tools. All pump heads from Hirschmann have RFID-technology for an automatic pump head detection. An ingenious accessory range ensures that you have complete freedom of action. For example, you can start dispensing with the pedal switch and have both hands free for work on the laboratory table. The pump housing can also be attached to a stand or stacked. The rotarus® flow, volume and fast models are comprehensive, but can still be programmed easily via the control module.
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